A superb role player with the charm of an innocent boy and twisted masculinity. He’s enjoying his filmography thrilling like a rollercoaster

Jung Kyungho

Jung Kyungho made his face known as an immature top star singer in a TV series and also appeared as a popular singer Yoo Junghoon, who suffered from panic disorder in his screen debut All For Love (2005). The actor showed unique chemistry with Yoon Jinseo, who played Sookyung, a nun-to-be who attempted suicide. A month later, in When Romance Meets Destiny (2005), Jung drew attention as a charming playboy Ilwoong, who actively coming on to Yoonkyung, whom the protagonist Kwangsik liked. Although he has a slim body and a delicate mask, he shines in characters that show off his masculine charms through action scenes. Starting with Gangster High (2006), Jung played the role of Lee Sangho, who used to be a model student but ended up committing terrible violence due to various circumstances. Through the character, Jung showcased hardboiled action performance and the changing inner side of Sangho simultaneously.

Running Turtle (2009) and Fasten Your Seatbelt (2013), considered as Jung’s representative films, are also far from the common choices of a youth star. The crime chase Running Turtle is fraught with comedy elements, and Song Kitae, a notorious fugitive played by Jung, showcases an intense action performance. Kitae is a villain who heartlessly cuts off a little finger of rural detective Cho Pilsung, played by Kim Yunseok. However, Kitae shows a ray of excitement with his strange affection for his lover Gyeongju. It was also interesting that Jung chose Fasten Your Seatbelt, a directorial debut by Ha Jungwoo, his senior in Theater and Film department at Chung-Ang University. Jung played Ma Jungyu, a tough K-wave star with flight phobia, paranoia, and even mysophobia, spitting swear words in urgent situations to make the audience laugh.

It was Jung’s attempt, after being discharged from the military, to transform his acting style by choosing a comedy genre full of B-movie sensibilities and a character that satirized a pretentious star. The actor won the Best New Actor at the Golden Cinema Film Festival. Although he hardly joins melodramatic films, Jung shows his soft charms through the characters like Lee Jongbeom in Herb (2007), who is loved by a woman with intellectual disabilities while helping her grow, and Yongdeuk, a band bassist in Sunny (2008), who supports the heroine. Still, Jung wouldn’t say no to play a brutal murderer like the one in Manhole (2014).

Enjoying his second heyday with producer Shin Wonho’s drama series, Jung Kyungho has been a hotshot in TV series, but he has continuously challenged himself not to settle for a single genre on screen. On top of that, his boyish charm, excellent fashion sense, a musical talent he honed with various works enrich Jung Kyungho as an actor.  Jung Sujin