With the clear-cut features, his revolt starts now

Jung Haein

A man who does not try to control his partner under the name of love, a thoughtful guy who listens to her story and quietly lends his shoulder. Seo Junhee in the drama series Something in the Rain (2018) was a character that reflected women’s desire to date while maintaining their self-esteem, and Jung Haein became a popular actor by shaking the hearts of female viewers through this character. His popularity hit the ceiling with a gentle charm that is completely different from the tough, macho guy image. But Jung’s achievements didn’t just come overnight. After debuting with the TV drama series Bride of the Century in 2014, the actor worked on basic acting skills by appearing in independent and short films. In the third year of his debut, Jung was selected for Yeah, That’s How It Is (2016) by scenarist Kim Soohyun, who was called ‘the godmother of the Korean drama world,’ and got a chance to closely watch the performances of prominent actors. It was a precious time for him to build up his career as an actor.

Jung Haein’s strength is his pure and decent image. In the series Guardian: The Lonely and Great God (2016), he appeared briefly as Taehee, Ji Euntak (Kim Goeun)’s first love, and he got Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) jealous. Jung’s gentle and decent image made Gong Yoo’s jealous performance more convincing. In While You Were Sleeping (2017), Jung appeared as a caring character who had a crush on Bae Suzy, revealing his presence comparable to the main character Lee Jongsuk. Something in the Rain was a drama series that ignited the charms of Jung Haein, who had been working his way up. The fact that an actor who is almost a newbie worked with a top star Son Yejin raised concerns and became the talk of the town, but Jung’s fresh and clean image served as an advantage, making him ‘a national sweetheart.’

After Something in the Rain, Jung Haein became the king of melodramas, appearing in the TV series One Spring Night (2019) and the movie Tune in for Love (2019). However, it would be a mistake to regard him as an actor optimized only for melodramas. In Prison Playbook (2017), the actor expressed both good and evil emotions, and working with Don Lee in START-UP (2019), Jung firmly established his position by stably portraying the suffering youth. His next works are D.P, the Netflix Original Series, and a TV drama series Snowdrop (working title). Based on the webtoon of the same name that gained popularity for realistically portraying human rights issues in the military, it is expected to see Jung’s colorful aspects through the character in the D.P. series. In Snowdrop, the actor depicts a heartbreaking romance with JISOO from the girl group ‘BLACKPINK.’ Jung Siwoo