The real hero in PARASITE. Like unfolding a semicircular formation, she sweeps up the whole movie gracefully with her dreadful and seasoned acting chops

Cho Yeojeong

The ‘simple’ rich wife, played by Cho Yeojeong in PARASITE, perfectly shows the essence of the film. At first glance, the character seems to be an innocent person who doesn’t know much of the world, but she is an actual ‘planner’ who creates the rules that maintain her world perfectly. Through this woman, the audience of PARASITE can feel how a solid ‘belt of trust’ operates and what ‘the line’ is, which separates the rich from the poor. Cho Yeojeong leads us to the world so simply and gracefully. It is no exaggeration to say that Cho Yeojeong is the real protagonist of the film, who delivers the message that PARASITE wanted to show the world with her bright face. At the same time, we witnessed how amazing actor Cho Yeojeong is.

Cho Yeojeong started her career as a model for a high-teen fashion magazine in 1997 and starred in the TV series with a lively image in the early 2000s. Her TV series filmography has been steadily accumulated with mostly lovely characters.

Finally, Cho decided to throw her hat into the ring of the movie world in 2010. She made her debut by starring in The Servant. Director Kim Daewoo, who succeeded in combining human desire with the discipline of costume dramas such as Untold Scandal (2003) and Forbidden Quest (2006), cast Cho as Chunhyang, the main character of the classic love story that Koreans love most. And Cho Yeojeong subverted Chunhyang, the epitome of pure and simple chastity that all Koreans know. ‘New Chunhyang,’ who looks naive but is worldly-wise and honest with her desire, has become the talk of the town. The actor’s dramatic love scene performance also played a big part in the topic. After that, The Concubine (2012) seemed to focus more attention on her exposure than her passionate performance, but Cho Yeojeong boldly overcame the situation.

Through Obsessed (2014), Cho worked with Director Kim Daewoo once again, playing a woman who reigns as a secret power in a world with ‘their own rules,’ which is in contact with the message of PARASITE. To Cho Yeojeong, who has been on the actor’s path for 20 years, PARASITE presented her first best actress award and the Academy’s spotlight. But PARASITE is not Cho’s ‘peak’. Rather, it is right to see that as a ‘counterattack.’ Cho Yeojeong, who has both experienced and humorous living acting and the unconventional way of revealing human desires gracefully, is flying up with new works as if she is unfolding a semicircular formation like a crane opens its wings. Park Hyeeun